“Sarah is inspiring and teaches meditation with a sense of grace and fun at the same time. Meditating has opened me up in every part of my life.”
– Victor C.

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Reiki or Meditation Signup

Reiki Master/energy practitioner and Meditation Teacher

For more info please email Sarah directly at sarah@sarahtaylor.org

Energy Healing Sessions
By phone or in person

Energy Healing Sessions assist in:

  • deep relaxation
  • breaking patterns
  • clearing out trauma and stuck energy
  • balancing out emotionally and spiritually.
  • gaining clarity & insight
  • finding peace with the healing lessons your life offers
  • integrating the awakening process

So how much time would you like to spend with me ?

1 hour + 15 minutes

Reiki + Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls
$150 in person in Burbank (75 minutes)
$175 travel to home minus bowls (75 minutes)
$200 travel to your home with bowls (75 minutes)
Session includes:

  • Talk/check in
  • Sound bath with healing crystal singing bowls and tuning forks
  • Guided meditation
  • Reiki + other high frequency energy healing
  • Intuitive guidance

A great session to begin our work together or ongoing to clear, heal, restore, and balance. Leave feeling uplifted, relaxed, recharged, and balanced.

1 hour + 15 minutes

Astro/Reiki + Intuitive Spiritual Guidance
$150 in person in Burbank (75 minutes)
$125 by phone (75 minutes)

Session includes:

  • An astrological overview of your natal chart, focusing on the north and south nodes which reveal your purpose, path, challenges, and strengths
  • A few minutes of sound healing
  • Reiki + other high frequency energy healing
  • Intuitive guidance
    A great first session with me or if you’re a current client but have yet to get an astro reading. Ideal for those of you who are at a crossroads, or are curious in what direction the divine is nudging you. Leave with more clarity and direction, super-charged and ready to walk your unique path.

1 hour + 45 minutes

The Shift Session
$185 in person in Burbank (105 minutes)
$175 by phone (105 minutes)
$ 250 travel to your home (105 minutes)

Session includes:

  • In depth talk/check in
  • Guided meditation
  • Extended sound bath with crystal singing bowls and tuning forks
  • Extended time receiving Reiki + other high frequency energy healing
  • Intuitive guidance
    This amount of time allows us to really go deep into shifting what no longer serves you. This is an ideal first session to begin our work together, as we get to explore where you’re at and begin to see where you’re headed. Also a good session to do every few months along with our regular work together, or if you’re going through changes and sense you need some extra TLC. Leave feeling refreshed, balanced, clear, lighter, and usually with some homework! *This is deep healing work, so plan to go home after the session and just relax*

45 minutes (tune up)

Tune Up with Reiki Energy + Intuitive Spiritual Guidance
$115 in person in Burbank (45 minutes)
$110 by phone (60 minutes)

Session includes:

  • Talk/check in
  • Reiki + other high frequency energy healing for clearing and balancing
  • Card reading (for 60 minute phone sessions)
  • Intuitive guidance
  • A great session for a tune-up. Leave feeling re-charged and balanced.

This session is for ongoing clients who have already had an initial session. Perfect for when you need an energetic tune up!

Via Email:
Remote Reiki/energy healing with detailed email – $75

With the remote Reiki/energy healing, I’ll do a remote chakra scan/read and do remote work to energetically balance you. I’ll contact you within 48 hours via email. These are not predictive; all intuitive guidance is given to assist you in your growth, healing, and thriving.

Meditation Instruction

Well-Being Programs For Companies: www.WellnessIsHere.com

I teach meditation practices at companies and organizations. My well-being programs help with stress reduction, creativity, and better working and personal relationships. I’m adept at teaching beginners and in making meditation and mindfulness accessible and relatable. Wellness programs can include massage, Reiki, even acupuncture and nutritional counseling. Contact me with what kind of wellness program you’re looking for, or check out my company’s site, www.WellnessIsHere.com

For companies: click for Wellness Is Here

Private Meditation Instuction:
One session – $85
4 session package 

For those who want to develop a meditation practice, or who want to deepen their practice. Learn how to work with your energy, your heart, and your mind with practices designed to support you in waking up to your life. Whether you’re looking to de-stress, do self-healing energy work, tap into your intuition, or move deeper onto the path of awakening, I work with you in building a practice that supports you. Self energy work, along with mindfulness, and self-inquiry form the base of our work together. Also includes awakening support, for those who are experiencing the shifts that realization/awakening brings. *If you feel you are undergoing an awakening and your world is a bit upside down, email me and I’m happy to offer support and insight.”

Awakening Warriors Meditation Group
-“dana” or donation only, Tuesday nights 7:30-9:00

In this meditation group – or satsang – we’ll explore what it means to wake up to the truth of what you really are. Meditation practices and self-inquiry that support this, talks based on direct experience, and Q & A. In Burbank. The teachings are rooted in Buddhism and non-duallity teachings. Contact me to receive more info.

Various free/donation events

Sign up for my newsletter to learn about free or donation based events. For those truly interested in the path of waking up, these are offered as a gift. *If you feel you are undergoing an awakening and your world is a bit upside down, email me and I’m happy to offer support and insight through correspondence.*

Sarah’s TEDx Talk

Personalized Meditation & Reiki Circles at your home

Have a healing Meditation & Reiki Circle in your home!

Get your friends together, and I’ll come to your home and lead a circle using two different long-form guided meditations with healing Reiki energy. This isn’t a class; it’s a meditative, balancing, and healing experience that will leave you feeling energized, clear, and peaceful. All you have to do is sit back – or lie down – and relax.

  • I’ll bring relaxing music.
  • You’ll experience two long-form guided meditations while receiving Reiki.
  • We’ll do intention-setting and Reiki-charge your healing/creative intentions
  • You’ll experience chakra balancing, energy clearing, and more peace of mind.
  • Crystal singing bowls are optional

Circles are also perfect for book clubs, writer’s groups, or any time you and your friends are together.

Your living room works fine. And if you have a back yard, that’s great too!

The more friends, the lower the price.

16 – 20 people: $40 per person
10 – 15 people: $45 per person
5 – 9 people: $50 per person.

Additional $40 fee (total) to include crystal singing bowls

Circles include the powerful, healing, group meditation and Reiki focused on whatever you wish.

Circles are 90 minutes.

~ 5 person minimum ~

The first Tuesday each month (5/2, 6/6, no Circle 7/4, 8/1) join Sarah for a Meditation & Reiki Circle at the beautiful Crystal Shrine in Burbank. Someone always wins a healing stone! Be sure to RSVP.

Each month, join Sarah for a special Full Moon Meditation & Reiki Circle (5/10, and 6/9) with crystal bowl sound healing and a burn ritual to set your intentions free. Be sure to RSVP.

Workshop: Learn Reiki Level One with Sarah on Sunday, April 23rd in beautiful Malibu. Move deeper into self healing, well-being, and create a foundation if you wish to work as a healer. Be sure to register today.

Contact Sarah about sessions, classes, or to RSVP for a Circle or workshop:

Reiki or Meditation Signup

What People Are Saying About Sarah Taylor
“Thank you for giving me inspiration for my art with your Reiki. You really have been my muse!”Anne P.
“Sarah’s energy sessions always leave me feeling clear, rested, and uplifted. Her compassionate and intuitive talents for energy work are amazing!”Esther A.
“My life has completely changed since my first session with Sarah. I had made a decision to give up men, but then she opened up my heart chakra and within two weeks I met someone. I am still seeing the man (2 years in) and I go to Sarah for what I think of as a check up every month or so. Each time I see her I feel more grounded and calm.

She has also given me a great mediation which I do on my own. I find that I can handle any pressure that comes my way now with grace instead of freaking out. On a whole I am much happier and am much more confident since working with Sarah. ” Heather K.

“A shift occurred and I feel more grounded…and clarity. There’s a creative energy coming through. Sarah, it’s been awhile since my energy has felt this good – thank you so much!”Adriana S.
“I had no idea Sarah’s work was going to have such an impact in my life. I strongly believe God placed her in my life to help guide me in my journey.”Arleen L.
“Thank you so much for speaking to our organization. You were terrific! I really enjoyed your meditation session. I have received much feedback on how much the ladies and their daughters loved you! Thank you again!” Korina Welch, president, National Charity League
“I have seen many healers and out of everyone I’ve seen, Sarah was able to dive right in to the heart of my issues and nip them in the bud during the first session. She is amazingly intuitive and knew things about me that she could’ve never known. She blew me away!! Sarah is THE BEST!!!”Maureen M.
“I’m very fortunate to have worked with Sarah consistently. Her energy and dedication create a very healing environment and our regular sessions allowed me to channel my sadness into power and strength.” Amy W.
“You have made an enormous difference and I believe that through your energy work, you’ve helped me make enormous strides in my life.”Kim H.
“Sarah is inspiring and teaches meditation with a sense of grace and fun at the same time. Meditating has opened me up in every part of my life.”Victor C.
“Sarah Taylor is a rare combo in the healing arts. She integrates vast spiritual knowledge, a powerful intuitive channel, a little humor and a lot of heart and soul.”Adele U.