One on One Sessions

“You helped me to see, Sarah. You reflected truth at me, and you helped guide me home. I am ever grateful for you.” – Taryn P. 

How the group events, mentoring and healing sessions are of best use:

  1. For those who are sincere about Self realization/awakening to true nature.
  2. Healing work for those pre-awakening, post-awakening, and in the midst of awakening. After all, clearing, integrating, and deepening into wholeness happens at all stages on the spiritual path.   
  3. Those who feel called to use this spiritual fuel for alignment with their truest life and most authentic expression out in the world.

If you want psychic answers, or for crystals to solves your problems, or for manifesting to give you the life you want, I am not your woman. I do use intuitive abilities in this work, and yes, I feel crystals are awesome and I adore them, and yes, I’m all about being a support so that you can align with your highest, truest life path – which can involve all the things that reflect that. But first and foremost, I work with those who want authenticity, soul alignment, and deep knowledge of spiritual truth. If that’s you, then shoot me an email. I would LOVE to hear from you!

One on One Sessions

3Flow Energy Healing Sessions

I channel three cohesive, yet distinct frequencies of healing energy that I call Flow or 3Flow. Although I’m a Reiki Master and have also studied other energy modalities, the energy healing transmission that I channel is a flow of harmonious energies that spontaneously began being offered through me after I underwent a shift in consciousness in 2011. I’ve worked with hundreds of healing clients since then. 

This 3Flow Energy saturates you with Truth/Clarity, Unconditional Love, and Vitality/Embodied Purpose. This Flow is meant to support you in three vital aspects of wholeness and fulfilling your potential: healing, awakening to your true nature, and the embodiment of true nature. 

This session encourages body, mind, heart, and spirit to come into harmony and sing the unique song you’re here to sing. Awakening to your true nature becomes possible. An embodiment of the deepest truths you’ve realized to this point can now start to integrate. There can be a loosening of energetic knots and a deeper integration of truth. 

These sessions lift you and hold you in this powerful energy and are a foundational assistance for those who want to wake up, heal, and embody truth in your day-today life with your unique purpose. They are a boost into wholeness and support for your being in Flow. 

People often get several Energy Healing Sessions within a certain time frame, as deeper insights, healing, and bodily integration can occur with steady connection to the Flow. A mentoring session in between Healing Sessions can assist in the integration and stabilization of what is coming forward. If you have any questions, please contact me.
This 3Flow Energy is part of what is being transmitted in the upcoming monthly Divine Ray Group Healing Sessions through Zoom with fellow mentor and healer, Susanne Marie.


Zoom/Skype online:
75 minutes, $150
1 hour, 45 minutes online: $210
Occasionally in person in the San Fernando Valley: 75 minutes, $175


Three 75 minute Energy Healing Sessions and two 45 minute mentoring sessions: $600
Three 75 minute Energy Healings sessions: $425
Two 75 minute Energy Healing Sessions and one 45 minute mentoring sessions: $375

Spiritual Mentoring
Zoom/Skype: 45-50 minutes

For those who would like support and guidance on the spiritual path. Whether you seek awakening or awakening has already begun rocking your world, mentoring sessions can help to navigate the terrain of deep spiritual unfoldment while attending to your daily life. 

I work with all people from those beginning a deeper spiritual path…to those who are in the later stages of awakening. Whether you’ve had a profound glimpse or realization of true nature, are navigating a kundalini awakening, or feel stuck in a loop, regular mentoring can hold you in the transmission of truth and help support your spiritual unfoldment. 

If you feel you need more time beyond the sliding scale sessions, I offer 75 minute and occasionally 90 minute sessions, but unfortunately these are not sliding scale.

Sliding scale $90 – $145; whatever works for your budget 

Creative Spirit Mentoring Intensive
Zoom/Skype: 90 minutes

When we get out of the way, and our vessel is clear, divine essence moves through us and wants to take shape. Mystics are naturally artists! The nature of spirit is creative. In these sessions we explore your spiritual unfoldment as well as your creative process and how they intersect. 

  • How is the creative flow being blocked, gripped, pushed?
  • How can you incorporate self-inquiry into your creative work?
  • How can you stop being hooked by only knowing your worth through how “good” you are as a creative?
  • How can you inhabit your own unique personality and expression while still making room for the Mystery to work through you?
  • How can you untangle from the web of perfection?
  • How can you feel safe in your authentic expression?
  • How can you create opportunities to share your creativity?

All of this is explored as we look at your connection to self, spirit, truth, authenticity, your relationships, and your work. Mentoring and healing energy works comes into play in these sessions. 


Payment for sessions:
Venmo: @sarahtsaraht
Pay Pal: sarah (@) sarahtaylor (dot) org
Venmo is preferred, as Pay Pal’s fees are getting high! Thank you. 

Sessions must be pre-paid within 48 hours of you appointment to be confirmed.
To avoid a cancellation fee, a minimum of 48 hours is required for appointment rescheduling and cancellations. Changes made with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur the full fee of the session. When you book a session, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy. Thank you!


About Sarah

Sarah has been working with people spiritually and creatively since 2008. She is an energy healer, channeling a 3Flow of distinct frequencies, as well as a Reiki Master, and is a spiritual mentor for those on the path of waking up. Her mentoring is based in direct experience. 

Due to a series of profound awakenings, she underwent a radical inner transformation. An anxious atheistic insomniac who simply wanted to get a good night's sleep, she took up meditation, immersed herself in Buddhist practice, and got way more than she asked for. She immediately began having deep insights and experiences on the path of awakening, eventually leading to the "small self" getting out of the driver's seat, and an abiding revelation of her true nature. She began working more and more with people who want to realize the deepest truths of their being through meetings, immersions, and retreats, as well as one-on-one healing and mentoring sessions. 

All along, Sarah has worked and created as an actor and writer/stand up comedian in Los Angeles while navigating the type of life altering transformation that seekers have historically found in monasteries or the Himalayas while deep in seclusion. Today, she works with people who are committed to walking the path of the modern mystic, whether they are executives, artists, or full-time moms. 

In addition to working with spiritual practitioners of all kinds, Sarah assists creative people who are called to explore, live, and express from the deepest, most authentic source. After all, spirituality and creativity are intimately connected. 

More and more people are beginning to "wake up", and you don't necessarily need to meditate in a cave for a lifetime. Unless of course, you're into that and that's totally cool.  

If you're undergoing an awakening and are new to this sh!t:

Awakening, as the Buddha and other masters have taught, is primarily a radical shift in identity. One moves beyond identification with the small, separate "self" and realizes their true, all inclusive nature, abiding there. But that doesn't mean this dissolving process is easy or painless. I'm happy to answer questions through email if you're curious about my sliding scale mentoring. 

Check out these resources on the path of awakening:

The End Of Your World, Uncensored Straight Talk On The Nature Of Enlightenment by Adyashanti - A must-have for anyone undergoing a true awakening. Adya's talks are on You Tube and highly recommended. He has been a great teacher to me.

A New Earth, Awakening To Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle - In simple terms, Eckhart Tolle shares non-duality wisdom. A basic and powerful book that is essential for every spiritual seeker.

When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödron - Pema is a Buddhist nun who gives compassionate, wise advice for living your life. Anything she writes is worth reading, though myself and many people swear by this one. 

Buddha At The Gas Pump - Rick Archer, a former TM Meditation teacher, interviews teachers as well as "ordinary" people who are awake and awakening. A great resource to learn about authors and teachers and to hear about people's actual experience on the path of enlightenment. My interview with Rick is up on You Tube and at (and is embedded above).

What People Are Saying About Sarah Taylor
“Your presence during our session was unreal. My mind was completely empty and I was fully and completely all in. I went into silence shortly after the session and that’s when it happened, the realization of love. I felt love everywhere and in everything and I realized that I am love and I have always been. A feeling so familiar yet new, as if remembering an old forgotten memory. Your support, care, and love are beyond words. I’m forever grateful.” Nora B.
“You helped me to see, Sarah. You reflected truth at me, and you helped guide me home. I am ever grateful for you.” Taryn P.
“Thank you for giving me inspiration for my art with your sessions. You really have been my muse!”Anne P.
“Sarah’s sessions always leave me feeling clear. Her compassionate and intuitive talents are amazing. Sarah is a master.”Esther A.
“My life has completely changed since my first session with Sarah.”Heather K.
“A shift occurred and I feel more grounded…and clarity. There’s a creative energy coming through. Sarah, it’s been awhile since my energy has felt this good – thank you so much!”Adriana S.
“I had no idea Sarah’s work was going to have such an impact in my life. I strongly believe God placed her in my life to help guide me in my journey.”Arleen L.
“Thank you so much for speaking to our organization. You were terrific! I really enjoyed your meditation session. I have received much feedback on how much the ladies and their daughters loved you! Thank you again!” Korina Welch, president, National Charity League
“Thank you for the event last week. I loved it. You do magic. Your light, energy, force, and love is amazing. So — thank you.” Jodi H.
“I have seen many healers and out of everyone I’ve seen, Sarah was able to dive right in to the heart of my issues and nip them in the bud during the first session. She is amazingly intuitive and knew things about me that she could’ve never known. She blew me away! Sarah is THE BEST!”Maureen M.
“It was incredible. I just wanted to let you know how much I responded to it. Right now I’m a bit in awe, scared and happy all at the same time.” Lola M.
“You have made an enormous difference and I believe that through our work, you’ve helped me make enormous strides in my life.”Kim H.
“Thank you so much for so much love you put into your healing sessions. I wanted to tell you that last night…I feel it was a breakthrough. Thank you for helping me and you are definitely such a light on my journey.”Victor C.
“Sarah Taylor is a rare combo in the healing arts. She integrates vast spiritual knowledge, a powerful intuitive channel, a little humor and a lot of heart and soul.”Adele U.