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“You helped me to see, Sarah. You reflected truth at me, and you helped guide me home. I am ever grateful for you.” – Taryn P. 

Learn Usui Reiki Level One
with Reiki Master Sarah Taylor
Sunday, 3/3

The Crystal Shrine
1006-1010 N. Lima St.
Burbank, 91505

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$50 deposit to hold your spot Balance due by 3/1

Becoming attuned to Reiki energy enhances your capacity for deep self healing, increases awareness and intuition, and facilitates the embodiment of spiritual awakening.

Level one helps you become more intimately attuned to your personal energy and to Universal healing energies.

If you’d like to deepen on your spiritual path, the Reiki attunement immediately up-levels your practice.

And if you’re currently opening to a Kundalini awakening or to non-dual awakening (Self realization), learning Reiki can help integrate and stabilize the immense changes you’re going through.

We will cover how to ground and center, explore emotional and energetic boundaries, how to use Reiki in your daily practice, and you’ll leave as a certified Level One Attuned Reiki Practitioner.

If you’re ready for a more profound connection to your own self healing, spiritual unfoldment, and ability to listen to your intuition, email me to reserve your spot.

*Space is limited. Contact me to reserve your spot.

Venmo: @sarahtsaraht

*Usui Reiki is the original Reiki, first downloaded by Mikao Usui during an awakening.
All variations of Reiki practice stem from this original modality.

Women’s Full Moon Healing Circle
with Sarah Taylor
Sunday, 5/19 
7:30-9:00 PM

The Crystal Shrine 
1006-1010 N. Lima St.
Burbank, CA. 91505
$25 cash only please

Rooted in wisdom teachings on awakening to your true nature. In this special Circle, there is a burn ritual for release and a guided meditation with healing energy support for deeper awakening, healing, and thriving.

The 3Flow Energy and Reiki Energy saturate you in the possibility of greater wholeness. This is a group healing session. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, and a blanket.

This circle is open to all those who identify as female.

Contact me to RSVP

What People Are Saying About Sarah Taylor
“Your presence during our session was unreal. My mind was completely empty and I was fully and completely all in. I went into silence shortly after the session and that’s when it happened, the realization of love. I felt love everywhere and in everything and I realized that I am love and I have always been. A feeling so familiar yet new, as if remembering an old forgotten memory. Your support, care, and love are beyond words. I’m forever grateful.” Nora B.
“You helped me to see, Sarah. You reflected truth at me, and you helped guide me home. I am ever grateful for you.” Taryn P.
“Thank you for giving me inspiration for my art with your sessions. You really have been my muse!”Anne P.
“Sarah’s sessions always leave me feeling clear. Her compassionate and intuitive talents are amazing. Sarah is a master.”Esther A.
“My life has completely changed since my first session with Sarah.”Heather K.
“A shift occurred and I feel more grounded…and clarity. There’s a creative energy coming through. Sarah, it’s been awhile since my energy has felt this good – thank you so much!”Adriana S.
“I had no idea Sarah’s work was going to have such an impact in my life. I strongly believe God placed her in my life to help guide me in my journey.”Arleen L.
“Thank you so much for speaking to our organization. You were terrific! I really enjoyed your meditation session. I have received much feedback on how much the ladies and their daughters loved you! Thank you again!” Korina Welch, president, National Charity League
“Thank you for the event last week. I loved it. You do magic. Your light, energy, force, and love is amazing. So — thank you.” Jodi H.
“I have seen many healers and out of everyone I’ve seen, Sarah was able to dive right in to the heart of my issues and nip them in the bud during the first session. She is amazingly intuitive and knew things about me that she could’ve never known. She blew me away! Sarah is THE BEST!”Maureen M.
“It was incredible. I just wanted to let you know how much I responded to it. Right now I’m a bit in awe, scared and happy all at the same time.” Lola M.
“You have made an enormous difference and I believe that through our work, you’ve helped me make enormous strides in my life.”Kim H.
“Thank you so much for so much love you put into your healing sessions. I wanted to tell you that last night…I feel it was a breakthrough. Thank you for helping me and you are definitely such a light on my journey.”Victor C.
“Sarah Taylor is a rare combo in the healing arts. She integrates vast spiritual knowledge, a powerful intuitive channel, a little humor and a lot of heart and soul.”Adele U.