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  • Tuesday, June 4th, 7:30PM-9:00PM (PT) through Zoom
    AHA Group
    - Awakening, Healing, and Aligning with your most authentic life. How do we thrive and live from the realizations, insights, and healing we find?
    Open to all who are exploring awakening, deeper healing, and embodying this heart and wisdom so that you can live it fully in your life. Meditation, energy healing transmission, and down-to-earth guidance. Email to RSVP and receive the link here.
  • Saturday, June 15th, 10AM-11:15AM (PT) through Zoom
    The Divine Ray Group Sessions with Susanne Marie and Sarah through Zoom.
    This is a healing transmission to support you with awakening, healing, and embodiment, helping your life to blossom.
  • Ongoing through Zoom: one-on-one sessions through Zoom or Skype. Mentoring, for those wanting support from someone who has direct experience on the path of awakening. And energy healing sessions, for deeper clearing of energetic knots, assisting in the assimilation, embodiment, and expression of your authentic essence.


  • Sunday, 5/19 7:30-9PM
    Women’s Full Moon Healing Circle Rooted in wisdom teachings on awakening to your true nature, this special Circle offers a guided meditation with healing energy support for deeper awakening, healing, and thriving embodiment. With a burn ritual for release.
    The Crystal Shrine
    1006-1010 N. Lima St.
    Burbank, CA. 91505
  • Sunday, 5/26, 7:30PM (doors at 7:00PM)
    Cosmic Joke with Sarah Taylor & Friends, a comedy show
    Donation tickets here!
    Join Sarah as she gathers L.A.'s funniest comedians for a night of irreverent and hilarious comedy following a short healing meditation. 
    Liberate Hollywood6365 Selma Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Comedy Shows