Sarah Taylor

Actor – Comedian – Reiki Healer – Teacher
She’s all of it.


Actor, Comedian, Storyteller

sarahcakesSarah Taylor is an award-winning actor, comedian, writer, and storyteller living in Los Angeles.

Sarah was a series regular for three seasons on NBC’s In Gayle We Trust, can be seen in the comedy feature, The Golden Scallop, (now on iTunes and Amazon) and has made appearances on Hot In Cleveland, Bunheads, and numerous other TV shows and films.

She has been seen on stages all over the world from The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. to The Volksbuhne Theatre in Berlin and other places along the way including Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and delicious Dijon, France garnering great reviews (Variety: “Stunningly good.”, Backstage West: “Glorious.”) as well as awards and nominations (Irene Ryan Award, Jeff Award Nomination, Chicago Indiefest Best Actress Award).

She has performed at all the top comedy clubs including The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and many other venues that serve fried food and charge a two drink minimum.

Meditation Teacher & Reiki Master Healer

TEDx-300x300Sarah Taylor is a Master level Reiki healer, meditation teacher, and spiritual/well-being coach as well as an actor, comedian and writer.

Drawing from a Buddhist background as well as other traditions, she helps make meditation and the spiritual path accessible and livable, emphasizing the importance of self knowledge, empowerment, and transformation.

A healer with almost two decades in the holistic healing field, she blends Reiki and other energy modalities and trauma release tools, along with intuition and compassion in her one on one sessions and groups.

She is a sought after speaker at companies, colleges, and TEDx, bringing her light-hearted and compassionate approach to meditation, self-awareness and personal transformation.

Sarah believes spirituality, waking up, and plugging in to the flow of life doesn’t have to be solemn business.  She aspires to spark a deeper awakening within others while igniting people’s ability to laugh, lighten and be in more flow.

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What are critics saying about Sarah as a performer?
  • Daily Variety
    “Taylor is stunningly good…delivering an intelligent and vibrant performance… Potent in its raw fury. But it’s her rueful declaration of love…and its evanescent depiction of a doomed heart laid bare that stays in the memory.”
  • Chicago Reader
    “Played with remarkable emotional fluidity and impressive vocal and physical technique by Sarah Taylor…a mercurial range… Beautifully played …Taylor sings with poignant simplicity.”
  • Backstage West
    “The dramatic fireworks ignite…the character [is] in the assured hands of Sarah Taylor, who sensitively conveys the plight of a woman fighting long suppressed feelings.”
  • Frontiers Magazine
    “Sarah Taylor’s portrayal of a working-class single mother is as volatile and tender as adolescence itself.”
  • San Jose Metro
    “The sparks flew and it was obvious that this woman’s got presence with a capital P.”
  • LA Weekly
    “…Taylor is just grand…”
  • Daily Variety
    “Taylor expressively physicaliz(es) Sandra’s struggle between erotic playfulness and self protection”
  • San Jose Mercury News
    “Sarah Taylor…[is] a natural performer…”
  • IN Los Angeles Magazine
    “Taylor gives a performance of tremendous sensitivity and depth.”
    “A gloriously multi faceted turn by Sarah Taylor…[the character’s] transformation is a tribute to Taylor’s performance.”
  • Los Angeles Times
    “… Particularly the fine Sarah Taylor… Straightforward and in control, Taylor invests the [tone of the play] with a restorative naturalness…”
  • LA Reader
    “In a scene stealing performance as a marvelously hyperkinetic geek…the mind-blowing Taylor makes [her] moments sparkle.”

What are people saying about Sarah as a healer and teacher?
  • “I can say with my heart that she is one of the most inspiring, wise, and positive people I have ever met!   Sarah is a phenomenal teacher, performer, and person, and anyone who gets the chance to work with her is very lucky!”
    – Wendy Liebman
  • “I have seen many healers and out of everyone I’ve seen, Sarah was able to dive right in to the heart of my issues and nip them in the bud during the first session. She is amazingly intuitive and knew things about me that she could’ve never known. She blew me away!! Sarah is THE BEST!!!”
    – Maureen M.
  • “Thank you for giving me inspiration for my art with your Reiki. You really have been my muse!” 

    – Anne P.

  • “Sarah Taylor is a rare combo in the healing arts. She integrates vast spiritual knowledge, a powerful intuitive channel, a little humor and a lot of heart and soul.” – Adele U.
  • “A shift occurred and I feel more grounded…and clarity. There’s a creative energy coming through. Sarah, it’s been awhile since my energy has felt this good – thank you so much!”

    – Adriana S.

  • “Sarah has assisted in helping me get out of my own way so that I can relax into being the artist I am.”
    – Amy S.
  • “I had no idea Sarah’s work was going to have such an impact in my life. I strongly believe God placed her in my life to help guide me in my journey. …After a session with Sarah, I had an incredible sense of peace and clarity. She has been life changing and I am grateful that she’s in my life.” – Arleen L.
  • “Sarah’s meditation course has been invaluable to me as an artist and a person.  I have the ability to tap in to a resource that was unavailable to me as I didn’t have the tools or the guidance to meditate properly.  I have access to a sea of creativity and one of the greatest benefits for me personally – I sleep better!”– Sharon H.
  • “You have made an enormous difference and I believe that through your energy work, you’ve helped me make enormous strides in my life.”

    – Kim H.