“Taylor is stunningly good…”
– Daily Variety
Actor, Comedian, Writer/Performer

Sarah Taylor is an award-winning actor, writer, and stand up comedian based in Los Angeles. Variety calls her “stunningly good”, Backstage West says she’s “glorious”, and The Chicago Reader finds her “impressive” and “mercurial”…which might just be a nice way of saying she’s moody. (To learn more, click here.)

Having undergone a series of profound awakenings, Sarah also works as a spiritual mentor for those who are committed to being awake modern mystics, as well as with people who want to channel authentic creative expression. After all, spirituality and creativity are intricately linked.  (To learn more, click here)

She is currently writing the humorous spiritual memoir, The Divine Mess: My Bumpy Journey Through Love, Los Angeles, and Enlightenment and What It Has To Do With You, and performs comedy all over. And if you’d like to talk to Sarah without all this referring to herself in the third-person stuff, you’re out of luck. She does this all the damn time. (Not really.)

“To listen to some devout people, one would imagine that God never laughs…God’s laughter is sometimes very coarse and unfit for polite ears.” – Sri Aurobindo

What People Are Saying About Sarah Taylor As A Writer/Performer
“Taylor really shines…[and] does a brilliant job.”IN Los Angeles Magazine
“… Particularly the fine Sarah Taylor… Straightforward and in control, Taylor invests the [tone of the play] with a restorative naturalness…”Los Angeles Times
“Taylor is stunningly good…delivering an intelligent and vibrant performance… Potent in its raw fury. But it’s her rueful declaration of love…and its evanescent depiction of a doomed heart laid bare that stays in the memory.”Daily Variety
“A gloriously multi faceted turn by Sarah Taylor…”
“Played with remarkable emotional fluidity and impressive vocal and physical technique by Sarah Taylor…a mercurial range… Beautifully played …Taylor sings with poignant simplicity.”Chicago Reader
“Taylor expressively physicalizes Sandra’s struggle between erotic playfulness and self protection.”Daily Variety
“The sparks flew and it was obvious that this woman’s got presence with a capital P.”San Jose Metro
“Sarah Taylor’s portrayal of a working-class single mother is as volatile and tender as adolescence itself.”Frontiers Magazine
“In a scene stealing performance as a marvelously hyperkinetic geek…the mind-blowing Taylor makes [her] moments sparkle.”LA Reader
“[the play] is enhanced by the glorious Sarah Taylor…”Backstage West